Part 1 Study Guide


Part 1 Study Guide

A Systematic and structured home study program. Includes 490 original Part One questions.

Section 1

  • The ADI Register Qualifying Examination
  • The Hazard Perception Test
  • Applying for the Part 1 Test
  • Studying for the Part 1 Test
  • How to use the Part1 Study Guide
  • Sitting the Part 1 Written Test

Section 2

  • Learning Units 1-9
  • Lesson Plan Examples
  • Assessment Tests 1-28
  • Assessment Test Answers

This Study Guide should be used in conjunction with the following Part 1 DVSA recommended reference books which can be purchased from this website.

  • The Driving Instructors Handbook

    Practical Teaching Skills for Driving Instructors

  • Driving the Essential Skills Book

  • The Official Highway Code Book

  • The Official Guide to Learning to Drive Book

  • Know your Traffic Signs Book

You may also wish to purchase the following to assist you with the Hazard Perception element of the Part 1 test.

Focus Hazard Perception PC-DVD

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Part 1 Study Guide